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body adornment

i have recently just completed my first project of my second year. this project was a collaboration with BA(hons) Fashion students at University College of Falmouth.

for this unit of work i was expected to produce a piece of body adornment (there was an emphasis that we should not be creating a piece of jewellery. the bigger the better?) for the brief we were given the 4 fashion forecasts for next year by Lidewij Edelkoort. myself and my my partner decided to go ahead with the theme Wanderer. we began collecting various images of different tribes in Africa. Below is typical of the kind of images we were collecting. This person is of the Dinka tribe, who wear these beaded corsets all day everyday.

image from: Africa Adorned by Angela Fisher

this work was made from laminated ply wood wrapped in jute twine.

all work created by Sophie Jarram